Meet Celebrity Makeup Artist Jamie Greenberg!

Meet Celebrity Makeup Artist Jamie Greenberg!


We teamed up with one of our favorite Hollywood makeup experts to show you how a pro uses EVER Makeup!  

Meet Jamie Greenberg, makeup artist to-the-stars (like Gwyneth Paltrow, Kaley Cuoco and Rashida Jones) and EVER enthusiast! Jamie sat down with us to dish on everything from how she balances the work/mom life, her daily habits for gorgeous skin (hint: water — and lots of it) and why a killer pair of shoes will always cure a case of the bad day blues.

At EVER, we always talk about why our Independent Specialists decide to join our community and share this brand with others. So, what is your why — why did you choose makeup artistry as your career?

I love making people feel better. I used to do stand up comedy in my early twenties to make people laugh….that wasn’t my path but putting smiles on people’s faces was. I feel with makeup, I get to use my craft to make people feel better on the outside. I get to use my personality and comedy (hee hee) to make them feel better on the inside. I love to give!

We all know that the beauty industry is incredibly competitive, especially when you’re a working makeup artist. You’re one of Hollywood’s most in demand makeup artists. Tell us about your journey from home to Hollywood.

As Drake says, “Started from the bottom now we here.” I studied film and art in college. I realized early in the film career after school that I wasn't feeling it. I dabbled here and there in other crafts. But then I got a job at ULTA to kill some time before we moved to LA from NYC. We were staying in the country that summer and I needed something to do. I worked at ULTA in PA! I moved out to LA months later and opened the West Hollywood store. I worked there for about 6 months and moved to Bloomingdales. I worked at the counter for Paula Dorf and then DIOR for the majority! I loved it. I loved learning about all the products and then practicing my craft day in and day out.  Lucky for me when you’re in LA and have the gift of gab you meet people. One thing led to another and I found myself in really cool places with the right people! It was a snowball effect and I enjoyed the journey! I’m still enjoying it!

You work in Hollywood with major celebrities and shoot editorials with the biggest publications in the world. What do you enjoy the most about your job?

I love the collaboration while we create a story for the viewers at home to enjoy! It’s a fun process. I feel very lucky that it’s what I get to do almost every day!

You work on your own terms and are your own boss. What does being an entrepreneur mean to you? What is the beauty of being your own boss?

I think being an entrepreneur is being able to do anything you want without having to ask anyone. If I want to experiment with social media I can do that. If I want to hang out with my family, I can do that. I make a great living and have the freedom to put family first when I need to! I’m so grateful for that.

EVER is a lifestyle brand.  We develop with clean beauty and healthy skin in mind.  Treating our bodies well also means exercise, eating well and caring for our mental health. Share with us your beauty philosophy.

I’m obsessed with working out. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see this. I believe in eating right for the most part... sometimes you want the cake! But water, diet,  sleep, and exercise are the base of beauty for me! If you start with all those things the rest will come easy. Then it’s all about a little bit of great makeup, in the right place goes a long way!

Let’s get down and dirty and talk makeup. What is your signature makeup look? Which feature do you love playing up the most?

I’m an au natural kind of gal. I see the beauty in all people and don’t feel like you need to change and cover a lot. I love imperfection! I don’t want to make all my girls look like the same person. I want them to flaunt what they’ve got! I love playing up the eyes on everyone. I think the eyes are the windows into who we are. So I’m a sucker for a pretty shadow and lashes!

What is the one EVER Color product you think all women should have?

I’m obsessed with the palettes. They glide on so beautifully. They’re easy to use and follow. They’re the perfect eyes and cheeks!

Let’s talk about your most important job of all... MOM. You are a mom of THREE, having recently just had your third child! (CONGRATS) It’s incredibly hard juggling both motherhood and such a demanding career. How do you balance motherhood with a career that requires so much of your time and travel?

Thank you so much. I love being a MOM and I love having a career. I think you have to have a lot of energy to do both. I’m constantly running schedules through my head. I’ll be at a job doing someone’s makeup and then think “OH NO, who’s picking up Simon today?” I have a great support system...I wouldn’t be able to do it without my nanny and in-laws! It’s not for everyone and there are days when I cry... LOL... just being real. But for the most part we are a well oiled machine and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I don’t know what I did with all my time before the kiddies!!!!!!!!!!!!

11. Beauty is… inner happiness.

12. Makeup is… a pick me up.

Ready for some more Jamie? Stay tuned — we'll be premiering some incredible how-to videos from her very soon! 

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