Susannah Mason

For EVER Independent Specialist Susannah Mason, it all started with a renewed commitment to self-care, and an interest in entrepreneurship. Two years later, she has reached the Senior Vice President level, and shares how saying yes to the opportunity has changed her life and her skin! 

Morgan Christo

From swearing to never sell anything to matching her income as a public accountant in less than a year with EVER. Independent Specialist & Associate Director, Morgan Christo shares how EVER has done so much more than provide her with great skin.

Grace Vise

Grace Vise is an EVER Independent Specialist who left her career as a lawyer to be with her children at home. This transition from work to home life was challenging, but she has found a new purpose sharing EVER with everyone she knows.

EVERy Day is Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day, yet you cannot say just one day is Mother's Day. All of their love, inspiration, support, sacrifices, teachings, and patience, makes Mother's Day every day.

Betse Esparza

Betse Esparza is relatively new to our EVER family but has quickly become a powerhouse inspiration. She signed up as an EVER specialist in January and became the first Specialist to promote to Associate Director in her Quickstart! 

Alicia Gempel

Since becoming a Founding Independent Specialist for EVER, Alicia has never looked better—and never looked back. She now sponsors  a team of over 200 Independent Specialists and that number continues to grow.

Mary Claire Haver

Mary Claire Haver is a prominent obstetrician and gynecologist in Galveston, Texas. Despite a hectic physician schedule, her EVER independent business is flourishing since she’s so well-connected and active on social media.

Dana Hanna

Dana Hanna is an Independent Specialist, runs a non-profit fundraising business, wife and mother of three beautiful children, and a leader in her community. Is there anything she can’t do? We don’t think so.

Stephanie Holguin

Stephanie Holguin is a top selling EVER Independent Specialist. With no sales background at all, she has still managed to set records - the highest sales volume in her first month, and double that number this past November.


Jennifer Goldman

Jennifer Goldman is an EVER Independent Specialist who recently  joined EVER earlier this year. A family-oriented woman, she has shared EVER with her husband, her sister, her daughters and even her son.

Katie Kathman

Katie Kathman is an inspiring EVER Independent Specialist who takes nothing for granted. She splits her time between her independent EVER business, working as a pilates instructor, and homelife, where she is a wife and a mother.

Heather Campos

Heather Campos is an inspiring EVER Independent Specialist who challenges herself to grow. She is a stay-at-home mother of four daughters, who began her journey as a Stella and Dot Independent Stylist. 

Hayden Ellison

Hayden Ellison is one professional woman. She balances her part-time independent business as an EVER Independent Specialist AND a full-time job at Merrill Lynch in finance.

Keri Malarky

She is an inspiring single mother of two, who has a full time job in the pharmaceutical industry, in addition to being an EVER Specialist...