Hayden Ellison

Hayden Ellison

Hayden Ellison is one professional woman. She balances her part-time independent business as an EVER Independent Specialist AND a full-time job at Merrill Lynch in finance. Once turned off by direct selling brands, she took a chance with EVER, and has no regrets.

Why did you choose EVER?

I wasn’t really interested in joining any social selling brand. I had an unsuccessful experience with another skin care company for 2 years. There were monthly requirements of what you had to sell, and if you didn’t meet them, you’d end up paying for it yourself. I ended up losing money, so I stopped.

But I had a close girlfriend, Caroline, who started selling EVER, and she shared the EVER website and products with me. Immediately upon trying the products, I was interested, but doubted my ability to succeed in social selling. I ended up hosting an online Social with my friend, which is pretty much sharing a referral link, and was shocked when I got over $800 in free product credit from the result of that event. Basically, I was able to try EVER for free!

I decided to join as a Specialist in July and I haven’t looked back since.


What has been your experience with EVER?

Not to be cheesy, but it’s nothing short of amazing. Before Hoopla (our first EVER Independent Specialist sales conference) I asked Caroline “okay, but what’s the catch?” I thought there must be something they’re not telling us, because it has been such a positive experience for me. But after Hoopla, I realized it was the real deal. The home office team, the leadership at this company - they’re extremely supportive, hands-on and approachable. Even Jessica, the Stella & Dot Family Brands CEO, who has a celebrity-like following, was extremely casual with us.

Hayden Ellison with Jessica

I think the EVER tribe, the community, is very unique. People who I’ve never met in person, only through Facebook, are cheering me on, pushing me to reach my goals. All over the country, I have people who know my name and want me to succeed.


What has been your experience with the EVER Transformation and what does that mean to you?

First, the financial reward is amazing. I love seeing what I’ve made year to date for the past 3.5 months.  It’s empowering and encouraging - this will be huge for me and my family!

Product-wise, I was extremely impressed with the results. My previous understanding was that, in order to combat blemish-prone type of skin, you needed heavy-duty, harsh products from a dermatologist. That’s what I had done for most of my life, which is why I was so hesitant to try EVER. Now, I know that’s the wrong approach, and I want to impart that knowledge on others.

Hayden Ellison_Family

How do you balance your careers?

Here’s the great thing about EVER - it’s so flexible and fun. When I’m very busy, I spend less time on it - maybe 1 Facebook message sent. When I have time, maybe I’ll send 15 messages, or hold a Social. But what really helps me is that I’m a big planner - I like to write down what I’d like to accomplish that week. I’m aware of who I’m talking to, who I’m following up with, what the next week ahead looks like. Being organized helps me in both careers, but with EVER, it feels like a hobby and not a job.


What’s the one product you could not live without?

REVEAL Biomimetic Peel Pads with LSR10®. They’re a huge contributor to the dramatic results and so easy to use. I love the experience - they smell so good, and are a great pick me up. I actually use them after I’m done at the gym for a refresher.


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