Katie Kathman

Katie Kathman

Katie Kathman is an inspiring EVER Independent Specialist who takes nothing for granted. She splits her time between her independent EVER business, working as a pilates instructor, and homelife, where she is a wife and a mother. She has a deeply meaningful purpose in pursuing a career as a Specialist, and her ‘why’ resonates in all areas of her life.

What inspired you to become an EVER Independent Specialist?

I joined EVER in 2015, and found that I was very connected to the mission and product line. I realized quickly after joining that this is exactly where I wanted to be. I’m really inspired and driven by the legacy of my mother, who succumbed to breast cancer when she was just 44 years old. Being very close to that age now, I’ve done a lot of introspective work to figure out what I want from my life. My mom didn’t make it past 44, and I look at my years ahead like unchartered territory in my own life. Am I living it to the fullest? Am I doing something meaningful with the time I’ve been blessed to have, that my mother didn’t?

I realized that I wanted to live a healthier life, and I want to feel good. I love the idea of aging healthfully and gracefully. I’m not interested in ‘anti-aging’ - I think my mother, and many people who have passed before their time, would have loved the opportunity to age well. Aging has a very positive connotation for me. That’s what I feel EVER Skincare does - it’s about looking and feeling your best self, full of vitality.

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What has been your experience with EVER?

It has been very uplifting! It has been amazing to grow a team. I have 85 people on my team, and the momentum behind the growth has been so huge. Every one of us has an interesting story, and EVER helps us to tell this story. We all have the choice - we make a positive impact, a negative impact or none at all. I’ve decided that I’m going to make a positive impact with EVER.

There’s an incredibly supportive environment, where women (and a few men) motivate and encourage each other. Jessica Herrin talks about this ‘tribe’ and after attending Hoopla, I can see this is real. EVER embodies this kindness and integrity.


What is the EVER Transformation to you?

The transformation that took me by surprise was the movement in which women are taking good care of themselves. And that to me is such an important thing - whether that’s taking care of your skin, your health, or chasing your dreams. For me, I want to live large, to have the money to see the world with my family. EVER is helping me achieve this. In fact, I paid for a family trip to Costa Rica using the money I’ve earned as a Specialist. That’s what I’m talking about!

It has reawakened this adventurous spirit in me, to grab life by its horns and go outside of my comfort zone. A lot of the themes I see in our trainings and talks align with what I want my life to be.


What else should we know about you?

I’m all about female empowerment. To bring so many women together who help build you up is a unique powerful feat. More women should be a part of something that makes them feel this good.  Even if you’re doing this on the side for a little extra cash and discount, you still get to be a part of the tribe.

I really love how there’s no typical EVER Specialist. There are so many women of different ages, cultural, socioeconomic backgrounds, yet there is a place for everyone. I wish that all women could be part of this type of network. The confidence it gives you applies to all areas of your life. And that’s my most favorite part about being with EVER.


What’s the one product you could not live without?

HYDRALIFT Moisture Injection Cream with LSR10®.

*While we hope you aim for the stars, not everyone will achieve the represented level of income. Your actual earnings may vary significantly depending on time committed, skill level, and other factors. Please visit www.everskin.com for EVER Skincare's Income Disclosure Statement.

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