Dana Hanna

Dana Hanna

Dana Hanna is the walking definition of a powerhouse. Her energy and strength inspires us everyday. She’s an EVER Independent Specialist at Associate Director level, runs a non-profit fundraising business, wife and mother of three beautiful children, and a leader in her community. With an open heart, she has also decided to donate part of her EVER commissions to charities in the Pittsburgh region. Is there anything she can’t do? We don’t think so.

How did you get started?

Previously, I worked in pharmaceutical and medical devices sales before starting my own non-profit consulting company. When Keri Malarky, a friend from my pharma days and now an EVER Independent Specialist at Director level, reached out to me about the EVER opportunity, the timing wasn't right. Jump ahead a year later when my sisters and I were on vacation - we remembered Keri’s call, and seeing her success made us excited to start our own EVER businesses.

My sister Alexa, also an EVER Independent Specialist at Associate Director level in Philadelphia, has been my sounding board since we signed up as Independent Specialists together. It's been so much fun! We’ve been sharing EVER with our family and our friends and between the two of us have added almost 60 people to our teams. When you can essentially hire your own sales force, why shouldn’t it be your cousins, best friends and neighbors? This opportunity has been so much more than money - it’s a huge source of happiness, and I think that’s where our success in this business comes from.

Dana Hanna Family


What’s your approach to selling? How is it different?

My team and I lead with confidence. We speak about the products without hiding behind them. In social selling, you are asking your network - close and personal friends - to trust you. I am proud to represent this brand and treat EVER like a true business owner. I talk about the products with excitement and align myself with the mission that Jessica, EVER’s CEO, shares. EVER’s product line is really incredible - it delivers results by using good-for-you ingredients. That's something worth sharing!

I am active in my community, and I’m at my best interacting with large and diverse groups of people. I was trained to ask doctors to write prescriptions for the pharma products I represented, and am comfortable asking donors to write checks to support charities. With EVER, I am happy to share conscious beauty products with my peers because I know that they will feel more youthful and confident with radiant skin.  

Dana Hanna Husband


What do you like about being an Independent Specialist?

At EVER, we are on the verge of something amazing! We are transforming the lives of women through financial independence and flexibility. We are launching this business from the ground floor as a true team and I love how close Specialists can be with the Home Office team. I feel really supported - truly like I’m just one person away from the CEO’s ear.

I love challenging myself - to beat my records, to reach certain goals with the amazing incentives EVER offers. Of course, I also love the extra money this independent business gives me and it allows me to give back to those less fortunate which is very important to me and my family. 


What is your next big goal and how do you plan to achieve it?

I hope to achieve Director in the next few months and would love to have a specialist in every single state of the country. My greatest happiness is found in the success of my team. I want to encourage and help my team see rewards right away and let this business energize them the way it energizes me. 


What has been your experience with the EVER Transformation and what does that mean to you?

I’ve seen great changes in my skin since starting in June. Despite being an Italian girl from the Jersey shore who once loved to tan on the beach, my complexion is now much more even and I have seen a significant reduction in visible sun damage. I also don’t feel like I have to wear make up all the time, which is a huge time saver in my busy life.

EVER has also transformed how I work - in the best way! I treat my role as a Independent Specialist as a real job - I give it time and effort, which has resulted in money and earned flexibility in my life. I will be able to spend 6 weeks working and playing at the beach house I rented this summer, thanks to the money I have earned with EVER!


Any other words?

I want to emphasize to anyone who is considering doing something for themselves that an opportunity like this one with EVER is not going to happen again any time soon. This brand is about to take off! You have the chance to join me and make money to live the life you deserve. I own my success and have never been happier! This opportunity is open to you today! What are you waiting for?

*While we hope you aim for the stars, not everyone will achieve the represented level of income. Your actual earnings may vary significantly depending on time committed, skill level, and other factors. Please visit www.everskin.com for EVER Skincare's Income Disclosure Statement.

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