Ebone Smiley

Ebone Smiley

Ebone Smiley is the focus of this Specialist Spotlight this week. She is multi-talented woman who balances a career as an EVER Independent Specialist and a Stella and Dot Independent Stylist, and continues to dabbles in various roles that all tend to her entrepreneurial and independent spirit. Ebone marches to the beat of her own drum. Here’s what she had to say when we caught up with her.

What inspired you to become an EVER Independent Specialist?

I’ve been a Stella and Dot Stylist for 6 years, and I’ve loved always the mission of this company. When I heard whispers about other business opportunities on the horizon, I eagerly waited for EVER Skincare to launch. I’ve always had more than one passion, and while I love fashion and jewelry, skincare also makes a lot sense for me. At age 34, I see some visible signs of aging on my face that haven’t always been there, so I was personally interested.

I love that Stella and Dot has become a Family of Brands that includes KEEP Collective and EVER Skincare. I know I’m not the only one who is tired of the 9 to 5, cubicle life, and I love that there is more opportunity to pursue flexible entrepreneurship by selling the type of product that speaks to the individual. For me, that’s both jewelry and skincare; I’m an EVER Specialist and a Stella and Dot Stylist. I want to share this opportunity with my friends and show them product options available to sell in this social selling channel.

I also noticed that the energy between EVER and Stella and Dot are a bit different. S&D is very upbeat, bold and extrovert-friendly which is perfect for selling jewelry. EVER is more focused, subdued and introvert-friendly. Skin is very personal, and you have to be thoughtful, sensitive and receptive when you talk to someone about skincare. I’m happy to be a Specialist because I can tap into my more introverted side.


What is your next big goal and how do you plan to achieve it?

I am in my beginning stages with my EVER Specialist career. By the end of this year, I want to have sold $20k, which means over the next four months, I’ll have to sell an ambitious $16k. I want to continue building my sales by sharing the amazing product and by sharing the business opportunity more consistently.

I plan to hit my goal by doing more one-on-one appointments. The individual meetings make me nervous sometimes because I’m not used to doing them. As a S&D Stylist, I usually do socials with many people. But as a Specialist, I do realize that skincare is just more intimate - you have to listen to your prospective customer’s concerns and speak to them, and there’s no better way to do this than a conversation. In my circle, I’m known as a Stella and Dot Stylist, and have to show them why I’m also a Specialist: I want to share how using EVER has changed my skin for the better and can change theirs too.


What has been your EVER Transformation?

Before using EVER, I would always put on a high coverage foundation-like product on my face if I knew I was leaving the house. I would try to hide any issues going on with my skin. If I go back and look at pictures of myself then, I can tell how much makeup I was wearing, even during the daytime.

Since starting the PURE RESULTS Regimen with LSR10®, I’ve been more confident in putting my real face forward. I just use a bit of the tinted moisturizer with SPF, and I’m happy. Sometimes, I don’t even wear lipstick or mascara. I’m not as self conscious about how my face looks. My skin looks good and I keep it moving.  


What is the product you couldn’t live without?

YOUTHFUL Quattro Peptide Face and Eye Serum, hands down! I love the product experience - the scent, the texture. Once I’ve cleansed and applied this product, my face feels so comfortable and soothed. I look forward to this product in the morning and the evening.

*While we hope you aim for the stars, not everyone will achieve the represented level of income. Your actual earnings may vary significantly depending on time committed, skill level, and other factors. Please visit www.everskin.com for EVER Skincare's Income Disclosure Statement.

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