Keri Malarky

Keri Malarky

Keri Malarky is the focus of our Specialist Spotlight this week. She is an inspiring single mother of two, who has a full time job in the pharmaceutical industry, in addition to being an EVER Independent Specialist at the Director level. She joined us because she was seeking more passion and meaning in her career, and has found this spark both in her love for the EVER Skincare product line and the financial opportunity in joining our ranks. We celebrate her today by sharing our interview with this powerhouse woman.


What inspired you to become an EVER Independent Specialist?

While I’ve enjoyed my full time job, the industry has changed a lot since I started 18 years ago, and there wasn’t a lot of job stability. On top of that, I just wasn’t feeling fulfilled in my work - I felt stuck. I had heard about social / direct selling through word of mouth, and that many people who joined these types of companies were able to surpass their incomes in their day jobs. I became intrigued, but couldn’t find the product to sell that I was passionate about. That is, until I found EVER Skincare.

I was familiar with the success of Stella and Dot, so when I found out that EVER was under the same Family of Brands and led by Jessica Herrin, I knew that this could be the opportunity of a lifetime, and exactly what I was seeking. Finally, when I tried the products and learned more about the company and its mission, I knew that EVER was special, and since joining, I’ve never looked back!


What has been your experience with the EVER Transformation and what does that mean to you?

I’ve had amazing results on my own skin with the products, and in my life with the opportunity.

The products make me feel so good, because they produce amazing, transformative results, and do so without the risk. In my own skin, I see a transformation in brightness, texture, reduced appearance of redness. I never had bad skin to start with, but now that I take care of it, I look younger and feel healthier. I look the best I’ve looked in my life, and this has made a huge difference in my confidence level.

The opportunity had made me believe that anyone can create the life that they want. The work I do with EVER has given me the extra money I need to do things like remodel my house. I know, without a doubt in my mind, that the income I earn through EVER is something I control and can rely on.


What’s your next big goal and how are you going to achieve it?

My next big long term goal is to take EVER Skincare full time eventually. I currently balance a full time job, raising two kids and EVER. My next short term goal is to hit Senior Director level by the end of this year, as I am currently a Director. I am excited to reach both of them!


If you were stuck on a desert island with only one EVER product, which one would it be, and why?

I’m going to have to say DAYLIGHT Tinted Radiance Moisturizer. I have been on vacation many times and have only used the daylight as my sunscreen -  and I have never burnt! Plus it's an amazing treatment and moisturizer, providing just the right amount of coverage.

*While we hope you aim for the stars, not everyone will achieve the represented level of income. Your actual earnings may vary significantly depending on time committed, skill level, and other factors. Please visit for EVER Skincare's Income Disclosure Statement.

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