Stephanie Holguin

Stephanie Holguin

Stephanie Holguin is a top selling EVER Independent Specialist. She’s a stay-at-home mom of two children, and before having children, worked at Georgetown University. With no sales background at all, she has still managed to set records - the highest sales volume in her first month, and double that number this past November. We want a piece of her magic! Here’s what she had to say.

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How did you get started with EVER?

I was introduced to EVER through a Stella and Dot Stylist friend of mine, who had just attended a conference in San Francisco and heard about their new sister brand. She had recommended this opportunity, and I’ve been with EVER since the beginning.


What tips do you have for new EVER Specialists?

When you first get started, the grand opening event is always fun - your friends and family will show support. But once you’ve shared with all the people you know, the real work begins. It’s all about planting the seeds and watering them.  I just recently learned that 80% of beauty purchases are influenced by word of mouth, and I’ve found this is true.

Every new person you meet and share EVER with, you should be following up with. You need to take down their phone numbers, and shortly after, pick up the phone. This can be difficult for many of us who are not used to reaching out and communicating this way. We all get nervous at the idea of someone telling us ‘no’, but you’ll never hear a ‘yes’ unless you try.

I’ve also found that while skincare is not important for everyone, it is for many. There’s a movement towards conscious, good-for-you skincare products. Maybe you’ll find someone who doesn’t make that a priority, but I guarantee there is another person who does, and that’s your customer.

Stephanie Holguin

How have you used social media as a tool for selling?

I just shared this tip with the Specialist at our first EVER Hoopla - I use the new voice message feature on Facebook Messenger. I recently met five new people through friends that I wanted to share EVER with, but I didn’t have their contact information. I added them as my Facebook friends and then I sent them a voice note, mostly focused on how your skin changes with age (skin’s turnover process is slower), which is why it’s important to rejuvenate this using our award winning REVEAL Peel Pads with LSR10® and YOUTHFUL Quattro Peptide Face & Eye Serum with LSR10®. Since you’re only allotted 1 minute for this message, you need to condense your pitch, which is a good thing. Then I would type a quick message to say I’d left a message, and include the link to the PURE RESULTS REGIMEN video.

All of these people messaged back thanking me for the information and telling me it was helpful, and four of five ordered the PURE RESULTS REGIMEN with LSR10® from my website link, and are now regular customers ready to branch out beyond the REGIMEN.

Listening and knowing your customers’ needs is really important. I am now using The EVER Edit blog to send links on specific topics which are relevant to my customers needs, and allows another way for me to follow up.


How do you motivate your team?

I try to be really creative and experimental because I have found that working with a large team - that everyone has different things that motivate them. Right now, I have an incentive for those that reach a certain level. They can attend an exclusive training at a private beach house for some fun bonding and advanced training to take their business to the next level of growth.   

Listening to my business partners is very important, because once I know what they are working on, or struggling with, then I know how I can best support them.  I look for teachable moments all the time.  I share what my personal sponsoring conversations look like and how I am sharing our amazing products.  I have actually created some of the Core Skills sales training for our company.

I love the saying, “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t – you are right.”   I am committed to the success of those on my team, and will do what it takes to show them what is possible from within themselves to achieve, and also how powerful we are together as a team as we pull from each other’s strength to grow together.  


What is the product you could not live without?

The YOUTHFUL Quattro Peptide Face & Eye Serum with LSR10® – I don’t like the fact that I’m losing 1% collagen in my skin every year. I want to do everything I can to support my skin’s vitality and radiance.

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