Mary Claire Haver

Mary Claire Haver

Mary Claire Haver is a prominent obstetrician and gynecologist in Galveston, Texas. Despite a hectic physician schedule, her EVER independent business is flourishing since she’s so well-connected and active on social media. Herein, Mary Claire—who now mentors a team of 300—imparts some inspiring words of wisdom:

How did you get started with EVER? 

I wasn’t looking for an opportunity—it found me. As a physician, wife and mother, there was no way I wanted to add one more thing to my busy life. BUT… the science behind the products took my breath away, the mission of the company was so inspirational and I recognized a ground floor opportunity.  I knew if I didn’t at least try, I’d regret it for the rest of my life. Plus, I have such an interest in skincare, having previously run an aesthetics business in Houston.

As a physician, what do you find most exciting about the products?

I researched all of the ingredients, such as Magnolia and LSR10®, prior to selling EVER and was so impressed by the research, I started using the products as soon as I could get my hands on them. I love that they’re pure, and have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. I was mind-blown. Most of my clients who start out trying the sample regimen wake up very next day with smoother, softer, more hydrated looking skin. It works.

What would you tell other women interested in pursuing this path?

You can do it! There’s no reason why you shouldn’t at least try to be an Independent Specialist at some point because there’s nothing to lose—you can quit your business at any time, and nobody is going to follow you around for the rest of your life if you decide it’s not for you. Forget everything you think you know about traditional direct sales. There’s just this tribe of women, most of them with other jobs, who heavily rely on each other and will bend over backwards to support you with resources, strategy, social media—whatever you need. I admit I was a skeptic at first, but then I saw all these women who were incredibly successful: just normal moms keeping up with jobs and kids and never missing a beat, but running an incredible, ethical, legitimate side business.

What’s your next big goal?

Professionally, to become a Star Director.

What has been your experience with the EVER Transformation?

I’ve discovered a side of myself I never knew existed.  I’m a mentor, a leader in the industry and I’ve received an amazing crash course in business. The income from EVER has allowed me to achieve a much better balance in my life.  

What’s your favorite EVER Product?

Daylight Radiance Moisturizer SPF 20 with LSR10®. It’s the only makeup I wear now. I love the sheer and luminous coverage, the incredible glow it gives me and the confidence of knowing my skin is SPF-protected and bathed in good-for-you ingredients  that are helping to fight further visible signs of aging.


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