Celebrating National Siblings Day

Celebrating National Siblings Day

#NationalSiblingsDay is April 10! Whether they are near or far, make sure to let your brothers and sisters know how much you appreciate them.  

According to the Siblings Day Foundation website, “Siblings Day follows the spirit of Mother’s Day & Father’s Day -- a great American tradition and celebration of family-unit values. It is an uplifting celebration honoring people who have shaped our values, beliefs and ideals.”

At EVER, the opportunity to earn flexible income sharing transformative skincare is our core mission. Today, we celebrate several siblings that believe in good-for-you products that deliver real results is a family affair.

Sisters Amanda Young & Andie Wafzig


Q: Tell us what inspires you most about your sibling?

Andie: Amanda is bold, brave and fiercely independent. I am so inspired by her willingness to take risks, yet in a wise, calculated way. A few years ago, she decided to leave her cushy corporate job to travel the world and gain exposure to new cultures and experiences. That would have terrified to me, but watching her push herself through uncomfortable situations and actually a near-death accident, it took my admiration for her courageous, beautiful spirit to a whole new level.

Amanda: Andie always thinks of everyone else, whether it's her family, her friends, her team. She is happiest when others succeed, and does whatever she can to help them get there. She has a natural ability to inspire confidence in others when they need it most.

Q: How did you decide to join EVER?  

Andie: Oddly enough, I was Googling for natural skincare and I found EVER. I had seen other social selling skincare models and was always intrigued, but couldn’t bring myself to try their products because of the ingredients. When I saw that EVER was good-for-you, sold word of mouth AND was basically a start-up, I decided I would be crazy not to give it a go!

Amanda: Andie called me one night and told me she had joined, and hearing the excitement in her voice, by the end of the conversation, I said, "I'm joining too!" I love to challenge myself and I saw the opportunity to be part of something big....and I'm competitive. I couldn't let her do it without me!

Q: Who’s the funnier one?  

Andie: Definitely me. Wait, what did Amanda say? I’m pretty sure she’d say me.

Amanda: Definitely Andie!

Q: Who’s more competitive?

Andie: Definitely Amanda. When we played soccer as kids, she was always really into the game and I was really into eating the orange slices at half-time.

Amanda: I think me.

Q: How has EVER changed your dynamic?

Andie: When she decided to join EVER, it opened up this whole world of sister-time. We went to Hoopla together last year and have plans to go this year again. And, we know that as we continue to grow our businesses, we’ll have opportunities to meet-up at Glam Getaway and Directors Summit. It’s really become this perfect way to stay connected that is so special to both of us.

Amanda: We've always been close, and now we talk even more. There are always EVER plans to be made!

Q: Complete this statement: “My sibling is…”

Andie: Beautiful, super smart, my best friend, my cheerleader and the one who totally gets my weirdness!

Amanda: The person I go to anytime I need advice about ANYTHING!

Sisters Dana Hanna, Alexa Stefan, and Erica Iannone McDonald


Q: What is something you like to do together?

Dana: We treasure our time as a great big Italian family at the Jersey Shore. There are lots of us and we all love to have fun!

Alexa: I think it is safe to say that we are food snobs.  We thoroughly enjoy going out to a nice dinner and enjoying an excellent glass of wine. We could sit on the beach all day together, reading novels from our respective book clubs. The beach is part of our essence.  

Erica: Beach, karaoke, drink wine, cook, laugh together which is always a given.

Q: Tell us what inspires you most about your sibling?

Dana: Alexa is two years younger than me and has been inspiring me since the day she was born! My first best friend, she always does the right thing and tends to be my moral compass. Alexa sets the bar for all of us when it comes to being a superwoman. Erica's free-spirited personality inspires me most each day. She lights up any room she walks in and her presence among others is always well known. She can make anyone laugh and certainly smile. Life is more fun with Erica in it!!

Alexa: Dana's confidence and ambition inspires me most. Ever since I was a little girl, Dana taught me to be confident in all that I do. Definitely the "FUN" one Erica was the kid always singing and keeping everyone entertained!  She still loves center stage and kills it at karaoke! I can't wait for her to launch her business and see her shine in the spotlight!

Erica: Dana - her creative thinking, her confidence and her intelligence. Not many people disagree with Dana because she is almost always right!  True story.  Alexa - her unselfishness, kindness, generosity and unwavering support, time and love she spends being a mom, teacher, wife, friend and all around amazing person. She's always the first to send a card, drop off food, or get the perfect gift to anyone in need or just to let people know she's thinking of them.

Q: How did you decide to join EVER?

Dana: Alexa needed a team mate so I signed up- literally two minutes after she did!

Alexa: While Dana and I were searching for the new, "best" thing. I was also ready to go back to work so this search was getting increasingly more important with each day passing. After being out of work for 10 years, It was definitely time for me to contribute to the future of our 4 young children. Dana and I tried many skincare lines, but none of them were even close to EVER. After trying the products for only a week, we quickly saw that EVER was the next "best" thing!  The two of us were convinced that we could do anything "together". We joined the EVER business in June of 2016 and never looked back. We needed EVER in our lives for many reasons and this was certainly the Best decision we have EVER made together.  

Erica: Because Dana told me to and you know, see answer to question 2.  She's never usually wrong.

Q: What’s your favorite EVER product?

Dana: I am afraid to find out what would happen if I ran out of REVIVE Eye Cream!

Alexa: I LOVE the YOUTHFUL Serum...it is amazing!

Erica: I can’t live without my REVEAL Peel Pads!

Q: Nicknames you have for each other? 

All: Jersey Girls

Sisters Heather MacHugh Cooper & Jennifer MacHugh O’Leary

Q: Tell us what inspires you most about your sibling?

Heather: Her determination. Jenn went back to earn her 4 year degree and Credential just about 5 years ago. Along with teaching she is the best mom to three children, works out EVERY day, and reaches every goal she puts in front of herself. She is the strongest woman I know for all that she endures on a daily basis and I love her so much!

Jennifer: Her ability to work hard and succeed.  She is an amazing mother, wife, teacher, EVER Director, motivator, supporter. She gives everything 110%. When I see all that she is doing it wants me to do more.

Q: Tell us what inspires you most about your sibling?

Heather: I have to say that we are the FUNNIEST when we are together!  Our favorite thing to do is to use lines from movies to respond to conversations, it is a never ending annoyance to others which makes us laugh even more!

Jennifer: We have the best time together. I think we make each other funny and fun to be around. We love the same movies and say movie lines in our conversations. It's like a secret sister language. It's so much fun and we have been doing it for years.

Q: Tell us what inspires you most about your sibling?

Heather: EVER has built HUGE confidence for me.  I will talk to anyone about it without fear.  I love that I no longer look like a cherry without make-up on! Jennifer is my biggest supporter in all of this!

Jennifer: EVER has made us closer.  It's one more thing that we have in common.  I love hearing what she is doing with her business and seeing her succeed. I am also a Stella & Dot Stylist and I feel like we each have our niche which is nice, but sharing about our EVER journeys helps us maintain a great relationship and gives us even more to talk about together.

Q: What is something you like to do together?

Heather: Shopping is number one followed by enjoying a good fountain soda and a double doozie!!

Jennifer: We love to shop, eat out, see movies and just talk. Love sitting on her L-sofa to just chat and catch up.

Q: Nicknames you have for each other?

Heather: We call Jennifer “Auntie FerFer or Auntie Ferfs” in our house.  Growing up it was always Jenniferfer. Growing up we were always asked if we were twins, I was always guessed to be the older one but we are actually 6 years apart.

Jennifer: When she was little my dad called her "Little Girl" and her friends called her Peanut.  I really just call her Heather unless we are messing around using movie lines and I will call her "CHRISTINAAAAA".

Betse Esparza

Betse Esparza

Alicia Gempel

Alicia Gempel