Betse Esparza

Betse Esparza

Betse Esparza is relatively new to our EVER family but has quickly become a powerhouse inspiration. She signed up as an EVER Independent Specialist in January and promoted to Independent Associate Director in her Quickstart! 

She lives in Alpine, Texas, with her husband and sons where they own a print shop. She serves as a Brewster County Commissioner and is an Alpine native. We celebrate her today by sharing our interview with this wonder woman.

What inspired you to become an EVER Specialist?

My mentor, Heather Wadland, inspired me to begin using EVER in February 2016. She was so confident about the products and the before and after photos she posted on Facebook were so compelling. My results were real and instantaneous. I was interested in becoming an EVER Independent Specialist early on, but I had some other things going on in my life at that point. Finally, in January, the timing was right and I signed up. I haven't regretted it for a single second.

What’s your why/personal motivator?

My own internal competitiveness is my greatest motivator. I really dig outdoing myself -- making each day, each week, each month better than the last. I visit the "Reports" section of the Lounge more than any other page -- crunching numbers, setting goals. Building a team of smart, kind, strong women, and then creating new friendships, adds to my "WHY" exponentially. I never imagined this for myself. There is nothing better than a supportive tribe. Nothing. I look forward to connecting with each of them, and the new friends I've made, every day. 

Betse & Husband

What have your earnings allowed you to do?

My earnings are going straight to our savings account. I've treated myself to a few sparkly somethings, but my husband and I are considering building another house (I love building projects!).We own a print shop in Alpine, Texas, where we live. Should my income from EVER continue to grow, it's a very real possibility that I can reduce my hours at our print shop and spend more time with our sons, in our community, and selling EVER!*

What advice would you give someone who is thinking of becoming an EVER Independent Specialist?

Don't wait. Once you're signed up, start sharing! You don't need to know every little thing. All you need is an initial purchase of a Starter Kit, and, if nothing else, you end up with a 25% discount on incredible skincare. What are you waiting for?

Congratulations on promoting to Independent Associate Director during Quickstart! What's your best advice to new Specialists looking to do the same?

Shout it from the rooftops! Share, reach out, make personal connections. Be consistent. If you never ask, you'll never get a yes. Move on from the no's. Follow up with the maybe's. But without a team, I'm not an Associate Director. Signing up new Specialists and helping them succeed by achieving sales volume is key. The rewards from that go far beyond any cash bonuses you may be eligible to earn. I'm proud to be on this adventure with them!

What is your favorite EVER Product and why?

The EVERBRIGHT Instant Glow Brightening Mask. Y'all, it gives your skin the appearance of having been through the Fountain of Youth and it takes 10 minutes to get there. I feel so confident and pretty after I use it. Can't beat that.






*While we hope you aim for the stars, not everyone will achieve the represented level of income. Your actual earnings may vary significantly depending on time committed, skill level, and other factors. Please visit for EVER Skincare's Income Disclosure Statement.

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