EVERy Day is Mother's Day

EVERy Day is Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day, yet you cannot say just one day is Mother's Day. All of their love, inspiration, support, sacrifices, teachings, and patience, makes Mother's Day every day. In honor of Mother's Day, we're offering three inspiring stories about EVER Independent Specialists, Errika Walker-Magra, Amelia Felbinger, and Mother-Daughter Nakita & Cid Chun. 

Errika Walker-Magra


Why did you decide to join EVER as an Independent Specialist?

I was approached by a friend from medical school after she saw my Facebook post poking fun at myself.  I was wearing a nose strip, making a funny face, asking, "When did I go back to THIS stage?" When she told me about EVER being botanically based, I had too look into it.  I had been turned off by other product lines due to all the harsh chemicals. And the 45-day money back guarantee meant I had nothing to lose, save for all those nasal outbreaks. I was immediately sold after trying the PURE RESULTS REGIMEN with LSR10®!

How has being an EVER Independent Specialist changed your role as a Mom?

It is allowing me to share wellness with my very impressionable girls ages 6 & 8. They see how mommy cares for her skin. They too want to do the same. I hear them playing with their toys and they have been listening to my phone conversations with clients. Lol! "But this is 'boo-tan-tically' based. Those are plants. Like you know, the good-for-your-body-greens. So smooth and lovely. Ooh! And no toxic things that your body doesn't want. That's not good for you.."  Lol! I'm just glad to have the flex time to spend with those that matter most. And that too is a great life lessons they will learn from this endeavor.

How does the flexible EVER opportunity fit into your full time career? How do you find balance?

My day job (well actually my night job seeing how I work night shifts) is Emergency Medicine. However, I also float as a yoga instructor at a couple of local studio and I have a few private clients. EVER glides right into the mix. I can do as much or as little as I like per week. And EVER is in keeping with my offerings in the realm of health and wellness with my yoga practices and lifestyle.

What advice would you give other working mothers considering the EVER Opportunity?

Go for it! How better way to be empowered than with your own business! I love having the fun of reaching out from a preventive, wellness aspect.  And who doesn't? You don't have to be in medicine to make a difference in someone's health style choices. 

As a physician, what do you find most exciting about the products?

I like that EVER lives up to the original oath I took at our white coat ceremony upon beginning medical school, "Primum non nocere". And then add the clinical grade products with clinically proven results, wow! I'm excited to offer a skincare line that is good-for-you and proven to have results.

What’s the one EVER product you can’t live without? Why?

My OVERNIGHT FACIAL Cellular Renewal Oil!  I am so in LOVE with the way my face felt after the 1st night.  And it only seems to feel better with subsequent uses. Plus to go to bed smelling like roses, due to the rose oil in the product, is an added bonus.

What’s your favorite Mommy quote or motto you live by?

As a mommy of two, the oldest with a rare genetic makeup which manifest a kin to Down syndrome and the youngest with a language processing disorder. This can basically sum up my highs and lows, my joy and sorrows, my elations and my defeats. . .

She said she usually cried at least once each day not because she was sad, but because the world was so beautiful & life was so short.
— Brian Andreas

What’s your favorite Mommy moment?  

Too many to count! Most recent is my 6yr old, Shadai Cara, drumming and chanting the Gayatri Mantra and my 8yr old giving me a big hug and saying she wants to make me feel beautiful. So she sang HER song to me. Her name is Siloam Divina, but I call her "Silly" as a nickname since forever. I sing a variation of Brian McNight's song "Crazy Love". We place "Silly" there instead. This was the first time she dedicated HER song away for my benefit.

Nakita & Cid Chun

Why did you decide to join EVER as an Independent Specialist?

Nakita: I decided to join EVER after moving home from New York with no job in sight. I was so excited when I found EVER because I've always been a beauty junkie and loved that I could get real results with good-for-you ingredients and share that with others. I told my mom I wanted to do it but I had to do it with her.

Cid: I decided to join EVER because when I discovered my daughter was all in, I knew this was something I wanted to do together with her. At first I was concerned because I wasn't much of a a skincare person.  I am a survivor of cancer, chemo, and radiation; as such, my skincare treatments were mostly baking soda, coconut oil, and aloe. Within the first 30 days I became a fan and was all in.  EVER has given me the gift of building a dream with my daughter.  It doesn't get much better than that.

How has being an EVER Independent Specialist changed your role as a Mom?

Cid: It's a wonderful way to establish an adult relationship, friendship, and partnership with my daughter. We're building something that will have us thrive as business partners but more importantly, thrive as mother and daughter.

What’s your favorite thing to do together?

Nakita: I enjoy doing most things with my mom. Here at home we do lots of beach cleanups and walks with our crazy Border Collie, Ollie. Since joining EVER, we've done 4 trips together and have had a blast! We're pretty adventurous and spontaneous so the trips always end up with us doing something completely different than what we have back home and lots of new memories together.

Cid: ROAD TRIP! Fun EVER events and taking beach walks with our Border Collie.

What is your favorite EVER moment?

Nakita: We did a road trip from San Francisco to Seattle and did our first EVER Skincare Socials at friends’ houses along the way. It really showed me what was possible with this business. Like Jessica says, "it's your business your way." We went to so many places that I'd never been and met so many amazing people. It was that trip where it really hit me that if I wanted to, I could travel and do Socials, make money, and see new places all at the same time!

Cid: Going to HOOPLA together. Coming down the staircase and seeing the magnolia photo background and the thrill of my daughter when Jessica Herrin sat behind us.  Also, getting to meet Independent Specialists from around the country and bonding as a community together was amazing.

Finish this sentence: My mom (daughter) is my hero because …

Nakita: My mom is my hero because she leads from her heart, never gives up, and believes in people and is always cheering people on.

Cid: My daughter is my hero because she follows her heart, has a sense of herself and what she wants out of life, and the courage to go after it.

What’s the one EVER product you can’t live without? Why?

Nakita: DAYLIGHT! 100% I love all the products but especially living in Hawaii, DAYLIGHT is so important! We need that SPF and it has helped protect my skin from sun damage over the past 2 years since I started to use the PURE RESULTS REGIMEN with LSR10®!

Cid: Our faces wouldn't look so great if we weren't using the full PURE RESULTS REGIMEN with LSR10® ! But if I had to pick one I enjoy using the most it would be OVERNIGHT FACIAL Cellular Renewal Oil. It's like going to a spa at home 3X a week.  I love the rose oil fragrance, and I love the way my face feels when I wake up.

Amelia Felbinger

Why did you decide to join EVER as an Independent Specialist?

I joined EVER because I fell in love with what I saw in one of the first Opportunity Webinars when the company was only in Beta Launch, as a new Mom of a 5 month old. I needed a new way to pour into myself in both purpose and self care, and having had experience in a couple other direct sales companies, it was clear this was something different and special.  

I jumped in with two feet, pretty much cried when I felt the effects of the products in just my first use, and gained more and more enthusiasm with every win I experienced, which was early and often.

Tell us a proud Mommy moment:

A proud Mommy moment is when Zia pointed to my Wonder Woman mug that I start my day with, and says "That's you Mamma!  Mamma's tough!"

How has being an EVER Independent Specialist changed your role as a Mom?

EVER has completely shaped my role as a Mom, and being a Mom wholly shapes the way I run my business. My daughter (and now Son, due somewhere right around Mother's Day!), fuels the size of my vision and goals to no end, and the super challenging day to day being at home in Toddler land demands a level of mental organization that actually forces me to be super efficient in my business. Most of the time I don't know when I'm getting a 1/2 hour to a couple hours 'free', so you better believe I'm ready to go when I do with the most important income producing actions FIRST. The two new roles together have created more personal growth and pride than I could've ever imagined. Both are my reason for the other!  

What’s the one EVER product you can’t live without? Why?

I cannot live without SMOOTH All Over Beauty Balm. One day I couldn't find it anywhere and I was hilariously close to panic. From then on I broke into my Host gift supply and now there's permanent ones in my purse, my car, and my bed stand.  

What’s your favorite Mommy quote you live by?  

Everything has changed and yet I’m more me than I’ve ever been.
— Iain Thomas

Finish this sentence: The EVER Flexible Business Opportunity gives me…

The keys to unlimited possibility for myself, my family, and those I have the good fortune to Mentor.

What advice can you give other Moms considering joining EVER?

To all Mom's considering this company, I say there may never be something as good as this that you can do for yourself and your family, and that the time is now.

Take all the reasons why you think you can't, and turn them into the reasons that you must. And to steal from Jessica Herrin...jump in, get to work, be here in a year, and see where you've landed then!!!  

Grace Vise

Grace Vise

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